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A combination of restlessness, watching Game of Thrones, and a comment by :iconbealmeister:, I wish to make another 'concept story:

In a vast lands, seven kingdoms are in an alliance, each one managing to get along just fine... it seems.

In truth, they are always looking for a weakness to exploit and take over the others in a bid for total dominance. Yet the greatest threats may come from within.

Mata Nui (Bionicle): The supreme ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and the one who monitors all the goings and doings, Mata Nui is the ultimate king. He commands respect even from the most arrogant and vain rulers, such as Deathwing and for good reason. Apart from his Scarab blade he possess the most powerful force in the Kingdoms, the Mask of Life.

House Darkfire

Krocken (My OC): The youngest blood child of the clan and hybrid in raptor form, Krocken is noted as a 'black sheep by the family. This is because despite his tough, harsh, and seemingly arrogant nature, he has a good heart and is compassionate. This earns him disdain from the rest of his family (expect the adopted sister, Tina), leading him to develop his skills and intelligence on his own. He has proved quite successful, and is a skilled swordsman and quite intelligent, earning the others grudging respect

Tiny Tina (Borderlands 2): The youngest of the family and the only human, Tina is the adopted sister of the clan, and is very close to Krocken. her other foster siblings mock and bully her, and her parents, though they raised her, always remind she will never be a true Darkfire. She became a somewhat eccentric individual as a result, as a result to cope with the stress of a (mostly) unloving family, her bond with Krocken they only light in her life. She is skilled with tinkering.

Deathwing (World of Warcraft): The patriarch of the clan, Deathwing is a massive Black Dragonflight, but often takes human form to interact with others. Fiery, fierce, uncompromising, and shrewd, Deathwing holds the clan together well, even though some are terrified of his anger if they step out of line. He loves his wife, yet treats his children with either a sort of respect or cold disdain. He is brutally strong, and controls the elements of earth and fire.

Biollante (Godzilla): The matriarch and a Kaiju based on rose and beast, Biollante's true form is monstrous, but her human form is quite beautiful. However, she is cold, manipulative, lustful, and dark. She is cunning and shrewd ruler, and always seems to know how to deceive others. She loves her husband and elder children, but treats Krocken and Tina with mocking contempt. She is quite strong and controls plant life and poison.

Yūki Terumi (BlazBlue): A son of the Darkfire clan, Terumi is a hybrid with the appearance of a human. He is incredibly cruel and sadistic, and loves to torment others for his own amusement. He is a cunning beast, and always seems to know how to provoke someone. A skilled fighter, he wields the Nox Nyctores 'Ouroboros', a snake-like chain.

Dimentio (Super Paper Mario): Another son, a hybrid appearing as a jester-like figure. Dimentio appears at first to be friendly and charming, but this is a mask to hide a complete sociopath with no morals. A crafty figure, he is well adapt at dimensional magic.

Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie): A daughter and a hybrid in witch form. Gruntilda is an arrogant and vain creatures, and fully believes herself to be the most beautiful thing to have ever existed, despite the obvious fact she is ugly. Nevertheless, she is very good with magic.

Roodaka (Bionicle): A daughter and a hybrid appearing as a Vortixx. Roodaka is cold, cruel, and manipulative, but is also the most pragmatic of the older four siblings. Thus, she is the closet to her parents in terms of leadership. She wields the elemental power of shadow, and is equipped with a mutation spinner. She also possesses tremendous physical strength.

House Zeal

House Tetsuhana

Theo (:iconbealmeister:'s OC):  A young boy and the adopted son of Hikara, one of Tetsuhana's blood heirs. He may be a little on the short side when compared to his family but Theo more than makes up for it with his combat prowess and knowledge of pressure points. He is a resourceful and can be a formidable foe in battle - wielding the Dynasty sabre and a dagger - but can be very friendly too at the same time.

Hikara (:iconbealmeister:'s OC): The younger of the two daughters of the Daichi, Hikara is a respected warrior and loved by her family and people. She is a commanding individual and a skilled tactician, knowing her enemies weaknesses and exploiting them to her advantage. Hikara wields a katana in battle and has incredible strength and agility but ever since the War of the Wild she has been on maternal leave, taking care and training her adopted son Theo whom she cares deeply for.

Asami (:iconbealmeister:'s OC): Hikara's older sister and the heir to House Tetsuhana, Asami is just as much of a skilled warrior as her sister is and is a force to reckon with. Asami is also incredibly close to her sister, especially since the death of their mother in the War of the Wild. She is a compassionate and caring person and along with Hikara, has taught her 'nephew' Theo most of his fighting techniques.

The Daichi (:iconbealmeister:'s OC): The King of the South and the patriarch of House Tetsuhana, the Daichi rules the entirety of the Southern Lands through respect and power. He was once a feared warrior in his youth and while he can still use a sword he prefers to try to solve problems peacefully, only resorting to violence if necessary. While he loves his daughters Asami and Hikara with all his life he tends to find it hard to accept Theo, even once objecting to his adoption when Hikara discovered him years before, but has since grown to secretly respect the boy and his wish to hold true to the family's traditions.

Sakura (Cardcaptors Sakura): A young girl orphaned in the wake of a civil conflict, Sakura has since lived in the halls of House Tetsuhana, becoming a close friend to Theo, who found her wandering the desert 6 years before. Energetic, sweet, and incredibly kind, Sakura grew to become a potent and athletic master of the mysterious Clow cards though at times she can be a bit clumsy and naive. Nevertheless she helps Theo in whatever way she can, as a way of repaying him for saving her life long ago.

House Nevermore

Mirage (:iconrunekeriandrake:'s OC): A young female jackal with graceful skill in ambush attacks, which she uses for silent assassinations using poisonous darts. Step-daughter to her mother who birthed her while her father was doing conquest through different campaigns around the western territories. Her kind-hearted nature is a facade she uses to outsmart people who must die before make they threaten the family.

Enju Aihara (Black Bullet): Unique daughter from the matriach of the house, Enju possess enhanced power and strength thanks tot he  Gastrea bunny DNA that runs through her since she was born. She is somewhat clumsy, and is always trying to attract attention from her adoptive brothers and is a good sister to Mirage. But when things are crucial , she can put aside her clumsy attitude to give support to her family.

House Greenwood

Lazarus (:iconvespei:'s OC): He's a skilled ruler, and tactician at the same time due to his magic skill he's studied. His desire for power only heightens as he is trying to find a way to cripple many of the houses with no problems whatsoever. With his treaty slowly being broken, he and the members of his house prepares themselves for an incoming war.

Guts (Berserk): A former mercenary in the land, he is recruited by Lazarus to become a personal Black Swordsman of sorts when he was participating in the tournament that occurs once every year. He's a very talented swordsman as he carries a sword that no ordinary person can carry, which is told to be able to slay dragons.

Wild Folk

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z): In the jungles of the west, many warring factions fight one another for the chance to become the supreme ruler of the region. Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans, is one of these warriors. Arrogant and cocky, Vegeta is a force truly to be reckoned with, caring little for the weak and constantly in the hunt for powerful opponents. He has a mastery over several Ki based attacks, such as the Big Bang and the Galick Gun, and can also shift into the Ozaru, a gigantic monkey with maximizes his power.

Nappa (Dragon Ball Z): A massive brute of a Saiyan who follows Vegeta's in his conquests. Nappa is an incredibly powerful individual who relishes in the glory of battle, destroying virtually everything in his path. He is also a bit on the dumb side, much to the annoyance of Vegeta who constantly has to put up with his partner's incompetence.

Eddie Riggs (Brütal Legend): Coming from a faction that uses rock-music as power, Eddie Riggs commands  a great force of men and women to stop all advances from the rival faction of Vegeta's. Eddie possess great skill in using his guitar to control lightning and fire while playing; a great sword which can stop countless attacks from foes and counter them easily; use his force to create devasting blows and having demon-like powers to fly across the battlefield.

Garrosh Hellscream (World of Warcraft): After the death of his father at the hands of another rival faction, Garosh commands with a strict iron will thousands of orc against incoming enemies as well as repelling any stranger who is not part of their jungles... Even if that means he has to kick his soul into the realm of death. Garrosh never give up in battlefield. Ruthless and bloodthirsty, he uses the heads from those he defeated  as warnings to the other factions.

The High Wall
A massive wall separating the kingdoms from the nightmarishly powerful beasts that live in the Far Northern Regions

Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue): A convicted criminal who is sent to the Wall to carry out his life sentence of being the member of the Grey Reapers. In order to accept his fate, he had made sure Noel was reassured that he will return someday, even though it is highly unlikely due to the punishment he has recieved. Being known as the Grim Reaper, he has to work his way in order to be a Grey Reaper, and endure the never ending cold temperatures.

Kopaka (Bionicle 2nd Generation): The Toa of Ice and an ally to Eddard Stark, the Warden of the North. True to his form, Kopaka is cold and prefers to be alone but he does follow a strict moral code. As the Master of Ice, he can freeze whatever he touches and is resistant to the cold. He wields a Frost Shield that can change into a pair of Avalanche Skis for travel or into two blades. He also carries an Ice Spear.

Jon Snow (Game of Thrones): The bastard son of Eddard Stark, Jon is a steward of the Grey reapers serving at the Wall. Considering his past, Jon's well at home at the wall, finding acceptance in a place where the circumstances of his birth were of little importance. He has strong sense of honour, true to his Stark heritage and commands a high amount of respect from his allies. In battle Jon relies on his sword, Longclaw, and the aid of his dire wolf Ghost.

Braum (League of Legends): An mighty vigilante who guards the only entrance and exit of the wall. one of the main defensive forces of the Wall, Braum is willingly to sacrifice his life to maintain order and prevent the monsters not he other side from crossing. He protects with might all people inside all the people around him, uncaring if are criminals or simple wanderers, or people like him.

Bleak (Donkey Kong Country 3): One of the two snowmen who are used to detect threats from long distances and finish them using range offensive techniques, Bleak is considered one of the toughest rangers inside. He can throw hail-like orbs at foes that result in cluster damage and uses his tophat as a cannon to fire waves of hail-like cannon balls. However, he has the tendency to be cocky in battle.

Mr. Bad Frosty (Clayfighters): One of the two snowmen who are used to detect threats from long distances and end them using melee offensive techniques, Mr. Bad Frosty is one thing newcomers or warriors face before dedicating their lives on to Wall, and is an overseer with great might and power based in ice techniques. He likes to Outsmart criminals, mock soldiers and looking like 'the boss' on the wall. People had learned by heart, it is better answer him quickly than simple ignore him... even if said person hates him.

Talion (Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor): A skilled warrior who had lost his wife and son to the fierce creatures beyond the wall. With nothing left to lose, he arms himself with a sword, bow and arrow to combat the freezing atmosphere of the North.


Genocyder (:iconrunekeriandrake:'s OC): Emotionless, cold-hearted and master in all ranged weaponry, Genocyder is used to do some works for the houses to obtain certain objects which others have in their possession. His stealth skills and silent movements put him inside the black list, but thanks to his team, who are always prepared for any kind of mission Genocyder obtained, he is called in to do dirty work...if the client paid him beforehand.

Djinn(:iconrunekeriandrake:'s OC): Crazy, ruthless, hyperactive and weird; Djinn is a white-feathered macaw djinn who has a great skill with normal ranged weaponry (like berettas, shotguns, machineguns...) He accompains Genocyder when they have a job to do. If things go wrong, he uses his genie-like powers to make a clever diversion while Geno or another mercenary with them is doing the required job.

Giovanni (Nigh on the Galactic Railroad): A small kitten who was rescued by Genocyder and Djinn after being abandoned by Vegeta, after being viewed as a a weak individual. He underwent training with the bird duo until he obtained great skills using small weapons. He is used to make silent kills or stealing items, due his small size. He looks up to Geno as the father he never had.

Iorek Byrnison (The Golden Compass): Once a bear who waited patiently to obtain prestige and power as the next royal guard inside Zeal, he was used to accomplish a certain mission by Queen Zeal's demand. He grew tired of being used as messanger instead of the warrior he is. He teamed up with Genocyder and Djinn. His great strength and the armor he wears make him good use as a bodyguard.

Konno Yuuki (SAO) : A small girl who used to work as a maid for ill-mannered people, she got tired of the job she had, and she was kicked out to survive on her own. Iorek and Giovanni took care of her until she was healed. She decided to serve as mercenary...thanks to Puss in Boots, she obtained great skills in swordsmanship and became cold-hearted like males... except regarding cats and bear.

Fox McCloud (Starfox) : After losing his legs in war, Fox couldn't be accepted being legless and was threated with bullrings and snide jokes. Angry and vengeful, he obtained mechanical legs though blood, sweat and guts, and became a mercenary. He uses laser pistols and energy-shields.

Puss in Boots (Shrek): His agile movements, stealth maneuvers and swordmastery make Puss in Boots an excellent mercenary who competes with Genocyder to decide who is the best. While Genocycder has the same feelings, Puss works hard to put the bird in place...something he hasn't accomplish yet.

More to come, and feel free to help

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